Neverout released in the Nintendo eShop (Japan)

Neverout released in the Nintendo eShop (Japan)

We are super excited to have partnered and work with Gamedust to bring Neverout on the Nintendo Switch for Japan release last February 7, 2019.


Neverout is a platform puzzle game that locks a player inside a room with only one way to escape… to the next room. Many traps are strewn such as electric fields and spiked pits which can obstruct the way. Players can turn the whole level around to make ceilings and walls as floors, which brings innovation and evolution to the puzzle game genre. There are also movable blocks and teleports that can aid players to solve the puzzle and find the exit.


The game has 60 levels divided into 4 zones, with each level bringing new gameplay mechanics that make more challenging puzzles to outwit.


Neverout has received great reviews to its Nintendo Switch release as it gives a better experience in terms of gameplay and controls through the system. The creator of the popular sandbox video game Minecraft, Markus Persson (known as @notch on Twitter) has given high praises to the game, sayingJust finished [Neverout], and found it wonderful! I was completely expecting a final set of levels at the end though, so now I’m left wanting more.”


“We are very happy to release Neverout in Japan on the Nintendo Switch. It is Gamedust’s debut in this region and was possible thanks to cooperation with Beep Japan Inc.,” says Jakub Matuszczak, Studio Manager of the game developer Gamedust. “We strongly believe that the game with its haunting atmosphere and unique spatial mechanic will find a lot of fans on this market”.


More details about the game below:


  • Title: Neverout (ネヴァーアウト)
  • Publisher:BEEP Japan Inc.
  • Developer:Gamedust
  • Platform:Nintendo Switch
  • Genre:Puzzle , Platformer
  • Price:¥800
  • CERO:A
  • Language:Japanese
  • Number of players:1

You can buy the game at the Nintendo eShop (Japan) here.