BEEP Launches LIGHT TRACER for the Nintendo Switch


BEEP Launches LIGHT TRACER for the Nintendo Switch

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BEEP Japan today announced that its Puzzle Platform game, LIGHT TRACER, has launched for the Nintendo Switch and is available on the Nintendo eShop for JPY 2,000. The new Launch trailer can be viewed here:


In LIGHT TRACER, players will lead a princess to the top of an enigmatic, Babel-like tower to save her ailing people. To achieve this goal, players will use their godlike powers to wield a Light Staff to guide the princess and manipulate the world to see better and interact with objects to open a safe path for her journey. The game combines platform-style movement and clever puzzles with unique play mechanics and delightful artwork. Players will direct the Princess through action-platform stages using jumping skills, precise timing and strategic attacks using the Princess’s sword—or clever avoidance—to get around enemies. Often the solution depends not only on your intellect, but also the way you look at things—if you can’t see where the Princess should go, you can’t guide her there!


The Princess’s journey comprises eight varied chapters, and each level ends with a challenging boss fight requiring strategy as well as quick reflexes. Players will move through the open walkways of the tower, starting in relatively safe, verdant levels and moving to worlds of increasing difficulty and danger. After the introductory chapter, they’ll encounter rock-throwing trolls and then a world of snow, slippery ice and new monsters to fight. An upside-down, Escher-like world where gravity can be reversed adds new challenges, and a Steampunk-influenced world filled with mechanisms provides a new style of puzzles before the princess can reach her goal.


Published by BEEP for the Nintendo Switch, LIGHT TRACER is available for JPY 2,000 on the Nintendo eShop. This game has been rated A by CERO.


For requests to review the game, we can send you a code. Please send an email to